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What Snow Blower Would Best Suit Your Yard’s Needs

Snow blowers are your best ally in removing the snow from your yard without much hassle and without causing any damage to your health. Their high efficiency and reliable performance make them suitable for any yard size, type of terrain, or amounts of snow. Still, you need to decide which one would best suit your yard’s needs so you won’t choose a unit that is either too big, to small, too expensive, or too slow.

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The best snow blower for a small yard

If you need to remove snow from a small yard but you still don’t want to use a snow shovel, try the GreenWorks 26032 and see what it can do. This electric snow blower uses a 12-Amp engine that starts in a second and pushes the unit through a 10-inch layer of snow like it isn’t even there. The 20-inch clearing path is not the smallest nor the largest you can choose from but makes the unit so versatile that you can adapt it to many yard sizes. It’s so easy to maneuver around snow that you will finish the job in the blink of an eye and there will be no snow remained to collect thanks to the 180-degree adjustable chute that throws the snow 21 feet away. What completes the efficiency of this snow blower is its ability to adapt to any type or terrain, including the slopped one with obstacles. And at $185, this unit sure is a great deal.

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The best snow blower for a large yard

A large yard will require a powerful machine with a wide clearing path that will minimize the amounts of times you will have to go over the yard. The Husqvarna ST224 is a gas snow blower that can successfully handle a large area thanks to the 24-inch wide clearing path and the powerful 6.3 hp engine that propels the snow blower even through the thickest snow, as thick as 30 inches. The ribbon auger on this machine cuts through the snow then sends the snow to a chute that automatically throws it away. It can handle any type of terrain, even sloppy and gravel, and comes with heated handles, led headlights, and an electric start that guarantees a smooth and fast start even on the coldest days. The Husqvarna ST224 now costs $864 reduced from $927.