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Simple Tips for Preventing the Appearance of Limescale

Limescale appears on surfaces that enter in contact with hard water. It’s a real nightmare to get rid of it, and it does serious damage to household appliances that use water. Instead of allowing limescale to build up and do damage, it’s best to prevent it from appearing. If you want to get some great tips on how to prevent the appearance of limescale, read the following lines.

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Use vinegar

Vinegar is not only great when preparing certain foods, but it’s great to use if you want to prevent the appearance of limescale as well. The chemicals found in vinegar help dissolve the magnesium and calcium that builds up on the walls of appliances. Therefore, to ensure that limescale won’t build up on your appliances, flush or wash them occasionally with vinegar.

Install the Aquios AQFS220C whole house water softener

Another great solution that you can go with to prevent the appearance of limescale is to install the Aquios AQFS220C whole house water softener. It costs around $500 to purchase it. This water softener system uses carbon block filtration that is rated at 5 microns and it features a non-salt additive that helps soften hard water. Due to the fact that it’s a whole house system, you are ensured to never have problems with limescale in the bathroom or with your household appliances that use water ever again. Also, due to the fact that it filters the water as well, you will lead a healthier life because you will drink and cook with clean, decontaminated water.

Install the DuPont WFPF13003B whole house water filtration system

The DuPont WFPF13003B whole house water filtration system comes at the amazing price of $25. The reason why we recommend it to those who want to make sure they won’t have limescale buildup is because this whole house water filter traps and filters calcium and magnesium, which are the ones that cause the hardening of water. This filtration system is able to filter up to 15000 gallons of water. Besides removing calcium and magnesium from the water, it removes other contaminants that it encounters as well. Therefore, you will have better tasting water that won’t harm your health in any way if you consume it.