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Most Practical Bathroom Organizing Tips

With all the makeup products, personal care items, towels, cleaning products, and other stuff that you store in the bathroom, no wonder it becomes one of the most crowded places in your house. Therefore, it asks for a serious makeover and finding the most practical organization hacks that will keep everything in place. When in need for storage tips, read our article and see how you can keep your bathroom tidy and neat.

Bath time organizer

Corner shelves above the bathtub are a great way to keep your bathing products in place but perhaps you don’t want to drill holes into your walls. In this case, try the shower hanger that attaches to your shower head on the wall and lets you store your shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, etc. right where you need them to be.

Storage space around the mirror

When you want to enjoy as much space as you can, every inch become storage space, including the inches taken by he mirror. Instead of choosing a plain mirror that would only cover the wall, choose one with shelves around it and even with a cabinet behind it. Here, you can keep your electric shaver within reach, your electrical tooth brush, or your medicines out of the reach of children.

Organize your drawers

If you would keep all your makeup products in the bathroom, chances are an entire cabinet wouldn’t be enough so it’s best to sort your products and keep in the bathroom only those that you use on a daily basis. Design a drawer for your beauty products and use drawer organizers to prevent them from spreading here and there.

Think smart and use sliding doors

If you need to put an extra cabinet in a corner but the space is too narrow for you to open the doors, be smart and install sliding doors that allow you to install a bigger cabinet while limiting the space required for opening the doors. This way, you can still add an extra cabinet and use all the space you have available.

Store your styling tools

After you use your flat iron, it remains hot for a while so you won’t be able to store it away, so you should consider storing it somewhere outside and what better place than the side of your bathroom cabinets? Use a hanger to hold the flat iron and any other hair styling tool you might have and keep all of them in the same place.