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Kitchen Solutions for Eliminating Cooking Odors

Although the result of cooking is a delicious meal, the process itself includes some unpleasant cooking odors that can make the kitchen become an uncomfortable place. Luckily, you can easily get rid of the bad food smell using some items you already have at home.

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One cooking odor eliminates another one

You can easily get rid of an unpleasant cooking odor by replacing it with a more pleasant one. So, if your kitchen smells like onion or steak, bake some cinnamon and brown sugar with a pinch of butter to fill the kitchen with a sweet smell of freshly baked cookies.

Simmer mandarin peels to mask food odors

Remember when you were little and your mom used to fill your room with mandarin peels on Christmas? This trick can be useful for removing the bad kitchen odors because mandarin peels have a strong scent. To make it even stronger, simmer the peels for a few minutes to let all the flavor spread and let the steamy pot on the stove for an entire day.

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Solutions to freshen the refrigerator

Your kitchen could smell bad because of the refrigerator that collects plenty of food odors and can start to spread the smell all over the kitchen. For this, you need to wash the interior of the refrigerator very well with white vinegar and wipe it with lukewarm water. After that, set a plate with ground coffee inside the refrigerator and it will absorb any future food smell.

Get rid of odors with lemon juice

Lemon juice can help you remove cooking odors from the counter, the utensils, the stove and oven, and even from your hands. Simply wipe clean the smelly surface with lemon juice to allow it to replace the bad odors with the strong acidic scent it has. For the nasty oven or microwave oven, put a bowl of water with lemon juice and peels inside the unit and turn the heat on to allow the water to turn into steam. Not only will this eliminate the odors but it will also loosen the burnt grease and food remains from inside the ovens.

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The garment steamer removes fabric odors

For the stubborn odors that stick to the fabrics in your kitchen like the curtains or the table cloth, try a little secret that can spare you the effort of washing them to remove the odors. The garment steamer that you use to remove the wrinkles from your clothes can work as a great freshener that breaks the odor particles from the fabrics. Use it on the curtains without taking them off and freshen the table cloth and the upholstery on the chairs.