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How to Create a Practical Hallway Decor

The hallway is usually neglected when it comes to home decorating and it doesn’t require as much attention to detail as the other rooms in a house mostly because it doesn’t offer too much space to play with. Given the fact that a hallway is the first area to capture one’s eye when they first enter a house, it should never be left unattended and no effort should be spared in creating a practical hallway. Here are a few decorating tricks that can make your hallway a functional and beautiful part of your home.

Create a center point

If your hallway can fit a table, even a small one, then you can create a centerpiece that will enhance the overall aspect of the space. First of all, make sure you choose a statement table with an interesting shape or decorated legs that will attract the attention. Secondly, decorate the table with an interesting flower vase in a futuristic or vintage style that will match the rest of the hallway décor. Underneath the table, place a large rug that will hold the shoes in the most stylish way possible and on top of the table place small baskets that will hold the house keys, the dog leash, or your wallets.

Combine comfort and functionality

Don’t let your hallway become a simple transit area where you only leave your shoes and coat but turn it into a cozy part of your home. What could be more welcoming than a cute little sofa decorated with colorful cushions? For a more practical design, design shelves underneath the sofa where you can keep your shoes and use the sofa as a sitting place so you can comfortably put your shoes on before going out.

Provide enough storage

Most of the space in your hallway should be designed for shoe and coat storage because you wouldn’t want to have shoes and clothes thrown around the hallway. If one small hallstand with shelves for your shoes is not enough, use an entire wall to make sure you have plenty of storage space. Get creative and turn anything into a clothes rack or a shoe holder.

Let it be light

Light is essential in any hallway and most of them are long and narrow with little light so you will need to improvise. If possible, opt for a front door with small glass panels to let the light inside the hallway and remove any door that connects to the rest of the house because it tends to block the light. If your hallway has a window, forget about big curtains and let the window bring light into the hallway.