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How to Choose a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

The best way to remove dust from your house is to use a vacuum cleaner with a high suction power that takes all the dirt away from your carpets. With so many different types out there, it’s not easy to find the best vacuum cleaner nor to know which one is the highest quality unit. Therefore, you will need to know some basic buying tips to help you choose a quality vacuum cleaner. This article offers some useful details that will narrow down your options and will help you find the best unit for your needs.

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Understanding the types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in two models called upright or canister. The first model is actually a pole that holds the brush at one end and the collecting container at the back while the canister model has a larger body but has a wand and a hose that make it easier to maneuver. The upright vacuum cleaner is more popular in the USA while European countries prefer the canister model. The main difference between the two models is in the ease of handling but they also differ in the operating mode because uprights might have two motors for the brush and suction while canisters only have one motor.

Bag or bagless?

Vacuum cleaners can come with a collecting bag or could be bagless and the difference is mainly based on your preferences. The one with a bag needs you to empty the bag when it’s full but you can opt for paper bags that you simply throw away so you will never get in contact with the dust. The model without a bag comes with a container that you simply empty and wash with water but you will still have to deal with the dust especially since there will also be a filter to wash.

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A quality vacuum cleaner has an HEPA filter

Speaking of the filter, you need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner you choose has an HEPA filter that stands for High Efficiency Particulate Filter and it means that it can absorb up to 99.97% of the carpet impurities as small as 0.3 microns. This means that even the smallest dust particle will be captured inside the filter and you won’t have to get into contact with the dust.

Choose the type of vacuum depending on the type and size of the floors

When you choose a robot vacuum, check its efficiency on any type of floor, be it hardwood, tile, or carpet so you won’t have to move it back and forth too many times. Usually, the canister model is better for carpets because it comes with many brushes that you can attach for cleaning multiple floor types.

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If you have a lot of space to clean, the more compact upright model might be best for you because you won’t have to carry the canister model around. The upright is more suitable for large rooms because it’s more lightweight but it has a hard time on corners and under the furniture but,if you have a smaller area with furniture, plenty of corners, and stairs, the canister model is what you need. The canister vacuum cleaner allows you to detach the brush for the corners or push the wand deep under the furniture.