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Here’s What You Need to Know About Having a Hot Tub at Home

When you say hot tub, you picture yourself relaxing in a tub that soothes your senses with water jets that deliver a relaxing massage. This is why hot tubs are so sought for and more and more people choose to install one in their back yard. If you are thinking about having one at home, you should read the following lines to find out everything you need to know before buying a hot tub.

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You will need plenty of place for a hot tub

Although we would all want to have a hot tub at home, only those who have enough room for it can install it without too much hassle. Before you buy a hot tub, make sure you have plenty of room for it in the backyard and that you have access to electricity otherwise, your hot tub will not be functional. The hot tub will also need a sturdy surface like a cement bed to hold it or it will crack over time and the warranty will be voided due to improper installation.

Have a professional come to your house and install it

It’s best to ask the hot tub dealer to come see your backyard before selling you a hot tub just to make sure it will be right one for you. Together, you will analyze the layout of the backyard, see where the hot tub would fit best, and the additional changes that could be necessary. The electrical part could also require the assistance of a technician if the hot tub needs a special type of line.

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The costs involved by having a hot tub at home

Some people are interested in the costs aspect above all, so it’s a detail worth mentioning. While some hot tubs cost a few hundreds of dollars, others exceed $2000 and the price depends mostly on size and the material of the hot tub. You can opt for hot tubs that hold up to 8 persons at a time although some manufacturers promise to offer hot tubs as large as swimming pool. Features like multiple therapeutic water jets, lights, or sounds add to the price of the hot tub. Add to that the costs of designing the site, installing the electrical outlet, and the increased electricity bill.
Besides the installation costs, the hot tub also involves some maintenance costs that include filter replacements every six months that costs around $50 each, chemical monitoring of the water that costs another $100 every two months, and further repairs that might be required.