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Can a Tower Fan Replace an A.C Unit?

Air conditioners are miracle workers when the torrid summer heat arrives. These cooling devices effectively reduce indoor temperature, making it possible for you to sit indoors comfortably. But not everyone has a big enough budget to buy and operate an air conditioner unit. The people who are looking for an alternative to using air conditioners usually end up using tower fans. But can tower fans truly replace air conditioner units? If you want to find out, read the following lines.

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The truth is that air conditioners still remain the most efficient cooling devices on the market due to the fact that they drastically lower the temperature in the room that they’re placed in. But tower fans aren’t too far behind them. Modern tower fans are able to alter room temperature more than ever, and they will definitely continue to improve as time will pass.

Operating costs

There are two main reasons wy people avoid buying and using air conditioners: they come at a very expensive price, and their operating costs are huge. On the other hand, tower fans are a lot cheaper, and they save a lot of energy as well. This aspect combined with the fact that tower fans do a great job at cooling the room they’re placed in makes them ideal for use.


A major flaw of air conditioners is that they can’t be moved. Of course, there are portable options to go with, but their big size makes it extremely hard to move them. On the other hand, tower fans are more compact. Therefore, you can move these cooling devices around from room to room as you like.

Maintenance work

Tower fans don’t require a lot of hassle when it comes to maintenance work. Just keep the tower fan clean, and wipe the dust that gathers on the blades. This is another reason why it’s preferable to use a tower fan rather than an air conditioner. As opposed to these cooling devices, air conditioners need periodic maintenance work to be done, and they feature parts that need to be replaced.


Keeping in mind how many great advantages a tower fan can bring, and the fact that it performs almost as well as an air conditioner does, it’s safe to say that the tower fan can replace the air conditioner. In addition, by making this choice you will save a lot of money on the bills.