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Best Space Saving Solutions for Small Kitchens

When your kitchen is too small, you will surely need some space saving solutions which can help you solve the problem. Whether you don’t have enough space for cooking dinner and washing dishes or your kitchen is very small, you should create a design which will turn your traditional eating area into an inviting and more practical space. In order to inspire you, we have gathered some of the best solutions for small kitchens.

Create practical walls

Everybody knows that in a small kitchen it is very difficult to organize all the things you need. As such, using the space on the walls is one of the most practical ideas. Besides the cabinets, you can create some shelves on the kitchen walls where you can organize your crockery. Moreover, you can install several hooks in the ceiling or on the walls and use them to hang all your utensils and pots. Most people choose to put them under the sink because it is more efficient. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with these ideas, you can opt for the wall-mounted cabinets which are very useful in any kitchen.

Mask the seating

When you have a small kitchen, there it’s not enough space for an island, so you can at least have a table. Hide the chairs underneath the table to have more storage space. Furthermore, when it comes to furniture, you can opt for space saving the furniture. For example, you can choose a drop leaf table mounted on the wall, several folding chairs and even a sofa with storage underneath where you can place a part of your kitchen appliances.

Turn the corners into some useful spots

We all know that every corner in a room is a useless place, but when space is a problem it’s good to know that you can make it very useful. As such, create a storage space in the corner for small items. You can also design some small drawers which could fit in those tiny spots.

Opt for small but practical appliances

Whether it is a small or a large kitchen, it is necessary to have useful appliances which can save your work and time. The problem with these devices is that some of them occupy a lot of space. Therefore, choose to buy vintage appliances such as fridges, microwaves, blenders and so on, which are smaller than the modern ones.